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Databases starting with G

Gale eBooks
Content: Gale eBooks is an e-book platform for ebooks on technology, science, humanities, social science, history, environment and more.
Type: E-books, Encyclopaedias
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Global Grant
Content: Information on funds and grants.
Type: Scholarships
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Google Book Search
Content: Google Book Search is a search engine for books.
Type: E-books
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Google Maps
Content: Maps and map related services.
Type: Maps
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Google Patents
Content: Patent database with patents mostly from USA.
Type: Patents
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Google Scholar
Content: Search for scientific and academic literature. Access to articles, books and more by the link Fulltext@Högskolan Borås.
Type: Search Engines
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Content: Disserations and theses - University of Gothenburg.
Type: Dissertations, Theses, Fulltext databases
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