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Databases starting with R

Content: Chemistry.
Type: Reference databases
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Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
Content: A multidisciplinary reference module focusing on earth systems and environmental scineces.
Type: Encyclopedias, E-books
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Retriever Business
Content: Company and business information (see Business).
Type: Facts database
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Riksarkivet SVAR
Content: Search in the National Archives' digital archives, indexes and databases. You can also search for information about archives and archival institutions in Sweden.
Type: Archive
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Riksdagen Dokument (Rixlex)
Content: Government documents, laws, statutes and more from the Swedish parliament.
Type: Fulltext databases, Reference databases
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Content: Defines terms and expressions in many subject areas.
Type: Dictionaries
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Royal Society of Chemistry
Content: Database in chemistry and adjoining sciences.
Type: Fulltext databases, E-journals, E-books
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